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J.J. Hill Families and Teachers

You are PTO!

We know that a community of engaged families is good for all of the children at the school. As a family member or teacher, you are already part of our PTO!

What does our PTO do?

  • Organizes fun community events like the FUN RUN!!

  • Promotes communication between families and teachers

  • Provides a forum to address school and community concerns

  • Fundraises, of course!

What do our fundraising efforts support?

  • School-wide field trips

  • E2 Audubon Trip

  • School-wide social events, Movie Nights, Field Day, Graduation

  • School supplies and materials for all classes

  • Recess equipment

  • Artist-in-Residence program

  • Library supplies

  • School Garden

  • And more!


What are some ways to get involved?

  • Come to events!

  • Volunteer to help at an event

  • Volunteer to organize an event

  • Make a donation

  • Share your ideas at a PTO meeting

  • Make suggestions via email at

  • Volunteer to work in the garden

  • Volunteer to connect other parents with PTO

  • Offer to share your talents and skills in some other way!

Check out the "About Us" page to connect with your PTO leaders

998 Selby Ave, St. Paul MN 55104


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