Off & Running - FAQ

Below you will find some details for how best to work with our Online Platform, address any questions on payment collection and event details. The PTO is also available for any further questions, issues or concerns. Email us ( | |, contact us via facebook (, use the contact form on our contact page ( or even the chat feature found in the bottom right of each page. If you have anything we can help with, we are available to you!

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You will create your account while adding your first student's profile at the same time.

Once registered, you can easily add other student profiles as well.

When the registration page loads, scroll the page to find your student's teacher and click the 'Register' button for that team.

register team selection.png

When the 'Register' Page loads, fill in your email (and confirm), a password (and confirm), your student's name, select your student's t-shirt size, upload a picture and click the 'Create Profile' button.

You will receive two emails when this completes. One asking you to confirm your Email Address and another with your student's profile.

**Check your spam folder if these are not in your email inbox**

register account for team.png

After creating your profile, you will be in your main account page.

This is the page you will see when you first login when visiting the site again.

From here you can:

  • See an overview of your students' profiles and their progress towards their individual goal

  • Create additional Student Profiles - Click the "+ Create Profile" button

  • View your student's profile - Click the picture, their name or the button labeled 'View Profile'

  • Edit your student's profile - Change their message, their image, their individual goal.

  • View the donations your student has received


To make sure your students profile is shared with your friends, family and extended network, you need to open up the student's profile (click the picture, their name or the 'View Profile' button)

From there you have multiple sharing options such as share to Facebook, Twitter, email and more

Make sure to share each student's profile as many ways as possible. Help your student get creative by creating videos to share with your network, calling those extended friends and family members and encourage them to knock on neighbor doors.


Donation vs Pledge

This year we are using a model that is strictly donation based. This is different from how previous fundraising events have been executed.

Many fun run or "A-Thon" events use a pledge model where students ask for pledges to be made based on some criteria (Laps, # books read, etc...) and then the student is expected to collect the donations after they have completed. 

In organizing our own event, we felt the donation model provides better consistency for those willing to support our students. We hope this will mean more donations because the donors are able to give exactly what they are comfortable with and not have to guess based on an estimate amount of activity.

Register/Signup and Add Student(s)

There are "Register" and "Login" links on the PTO website ( menu

There are "Register" and "Login" buttons on the PTO website ( home page as well

Use the 'Register' links/buttons to create your account.

Once created, you can use the 'Login' links/buttons to keep track of your students' progress

Register/Signup and Add Student(s)

Online Donations

Any donations made online through your student's profile will automatically update their total and be visible immediately after the donation is made.

You will also receive an email each time a donor donates to your student's profile. There will be a link within that email to send an immediate "Thank You" email as well. Please remember to thank your donors, we can't do this without them!!


In-Person Donations (Cash/Check*)

*Make Checks Payable to "JJ Hill PTO" with your student's name on the memo line

Any cash/check donations should be turned into he student's teacher.  We want these in-person donations to be turned in on a daily basis so the PTO can collect, count and update the student's totals so they can be visible on the student's profile.

Donation Tracking

All donations, online or turned in via school can be monitored through the online profile of your student.