Fun Run Fundraiser
ends April 22nd, 2022


About the event
The JJ Hill PTO is holding its single fundraiser of the year, and the first in two academic years, right now culminating  with a run for the kids on April 22, 2022. This fundraiser is how the PTO is able to provide each teacher, teaching assistant and specialist with money to spend on needed supplies for their classroom. It is also how we as a community  provide school supplies for each student, fund school events and field trips.
This year’s fundraiser is uniquely important as the PTO has completed its contract with the Equity Innovation Center and will be a reorganized, restructured and more aligned organization ahead of the merger with Cherokee Heights in 2022-2023. Part of the restructuring and reorganization of the PTO includes providing equitable access and screening to funds raised and distributed. 
We've set a goal of $30,000 to raise this month. When we reach our goal of $30,000, we will celebrate with a school pizza party.  We're also getting shirts for all the kids again, so they'll have spirit wear!
Previously, families would get to show up to encourage the kids to run as many laps as they could, sponsored by their community. The PTO has long worked to have a single big fundraiser so that the kids aren't asked to sell anything, and there's only one ask to the community.
How do we raise the money?
We collect donations from J.J. Hill parents and local businesses, but the biggest source of revenue is the money our students collect from their extended families, neighbors and friends. It's a great way for students to build confidence and communication skills, and it's also a good excuse to meet the neighbors and connect with aunts, uncles and grandparents.

Our goal this year is for each student to raise $75.

That's just 8 donations of $9.50.

This year all fundraising will be done with GoFundMe. If you have cash or check please email

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Goal of $20,000
Each Class has a Special Dodgeball Game against Support Staff

Goal of $30,000
Unlock  a school-wide PIZZA PARTY by donating before April 22nd